Your One-Stop Shop for Building Service Solutions

High-quality piping is an indispensable part of building service equipment of various types, for instance for supply of the following fluids:

  • Drinking water
  • Cooling water
  • Hot water or steam 
  • Fire-fighting water
  • Compressed air
  • Oxygen
  • Sulphuric acid
  • Oils
  • And a wide variety of others.

We fabricate our products using highest quality steels and other raw materials and make no compromises in this regard. A broad range of services and options are available with our products including component and system design, technical support, prefabrication, jobsite logistics, state-of-the-art connection technologies and advanced surface coatings. Rounding out the picture with top-notch expertise and strict adherence to delivery schedules, we are your one-stop shop for building services solutions.

Innovative Connections for Building Service Systems

Modern systems for provision of building services are constructed using a variety of connection technologies. Along with traditional products such as welded, brazed, threaded or crimped joints, engineers designing building service systems are increasingly turning to innovative connections such as the Tyco/Grinnell rolled-groove joint system.

This innovative connection technology makes joining of pipes and fitting joining quick and easy. The system joins by mechanical means only without need for welding. It can therefore be used anywhere in buildings, even near flammable structures. In addition to compatibility with Tyco / Grinnell couplings and fittings, our rolled-groove pipes are also compatible with Victaulic and other commonly used grooved systems.

All pipes and connections are available with corrosion-protected surfaces in exact accordance with your application requirements. Our galvanised products and coated products in conformance with AGI Q 151 are supplied from stock. Other coatings are available as well with short turnaround times. 


Fire Protection Solutions with Knowledgeable Technical Support

Stationary fire extinguishing systems are key components in newly constructed buildings and in renovation of existing buildings. The first step in selecting the best fire protection strategy for a building is deciding what needs to be protected and how to protect it.

How will the building be protected?

  • By electric or electronic fire detectors,
  • By manual fire-fighting equipment, e.g. rechargeable hand-held extinguishers  or
  • By stationary fire safety technologies such as sprinkler systems, fire mains, inert gas extinguishers, low-pressure and high-pressure water mist systems, etc.

If you are planning to use stationary extinguishing technologies, we can supply all equipment and components along with technical support in design and implementation. This support can include conformance checks with applicable standards, a matter of great importance due to continuous advances in fire protection standardisation. Project realisation can be expedited by prefabrication, today's watchword for rapid site installation and compliance with ever-tighter time constraints.  

Prefabricated Sprinkler System Components 

Avoid and/or reduce:

  • Human error
  • Installation time
  • Required site logistics activities

Available prefabricated components:

  • Manifolds, DN 50 – DN 2000 
  • Pump/control station components, DN 50 – DN 2000 
  • Main and distributor lines, DN 50 – DN 500 
  • Grooved or threaded branch lines, DN 32 – DN 100 
  • Pre-installed clamp saddles
  • Socket welds, FM from DN 32 and up – VdS from DN 65 and up
  • Pipelines with elbows
  • PE and cement mortar coated steel pipes and fittings for earth moving, DN 100 – DN 600, grooved or nongrooved
  • Material of construction: steel or stainless steel

Available Services and Benefits: 

  • Preparation of detail drawings in accordance with your specifications*
  • Radiographic testing of prefabricated units in our in-house x-ray bunker * 
  • All-inclusive product inventory* for your project (all required products, ready on call for shipment in 1 truck to the jobsite) 
  • Support in jobsite logistics
  • Special applications = special connections – for more information, please consult us 
  • High quality, strict adherence to delivery dates
  • Pipe warehousing facility with approx. 15,000 m² storage area

* Available at additional cost / by agreement



Trade Products: 


  • Powder-coated grooved pipes, DN 300 in colours RAL 3000 and RAL 9010 
  • Galvanised grooved pipes, DN 300 
  • Grooved fittings, couplings, elbows, tees, etc. 
  • Wide range of mallable iron fittings, flanges, elbows, welded fittings, couplings, clamp saddles, etc.